AO Page 23
Posted October 9, 2023 at 2:05 pm

The power of the Infinity Brain is beginning to truly be unraveled through Kay and my own combined efforts.

Sadly without the shards in his head and heart he is no longer able to perceive all flaws immediately, but on the plus side he isn't dead or in extreme pain all the time.

We have been able to create pseudo life, basing the designs on the Constructs copies I had previously employed.

Moving through space is effortless for me now, and of course absolutely removing something from existence is straightforward.

I still cannot leave my sphere of influence and maintain contact with the Infinity Brain, but in time I see a solution to that.

Something odd is occurring however. It's as if there is a leak in the power I can access.


-Notes by Cynthia, the "Snow Queen"