AO Page 13
Posted September 4, 2023 at 3:17 pm

I do not have much of "myself" left. I still feel things through the body created by the Snow Queen and Nicky, and it works perfectly. It's absolutely stronger and faster and better.

But it all feels false. If I touch silk with my fingers I have all the sensation, as if it was told to me from afar. When I share a meal with my friends my body does something with it, but again there is a feeling that is being done by someone else, far away.

There is an exception. A way that my body, all of my body, FEELS something.

Demon flesh. I feel it invigorating me, energy burning through every inch.

I can almost feel the voices of the demons I consume... but then they grow quieter as my body feeds, and then they are gone.

It is fitting, right? True justice.

But I cannot stop. Every day I want it more. 

That's why I am wri

-A scrap of paper, torn out and thrown away